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Wind dies

Posted by SynTaks, 19 February 2010 · 836 views

You go out to fly. There's great wind, so you get out your gear, run the lines, assemble and attach your kite...

You get back and pick up the handles...
...and the wind dies. :kid_cussing:

Does this ever happen to you? It happens almost every day to me. It is the Anch-Morpork wind on average. I've often considered simply camping out and catching that 6am wind that always happens. In the Summer here that's not so bad, because we have the 24-hour sunlight ... but the Winter isn't quite the same.

I still have to convince my better 3/4 that there IS a reason I do this every day. She knows that but often forgets. ;)


I was thinking of leasing myself out ! If you have strong wind warnings in your area call me. I will come setup and poof winds are gone. I know how you feal. LOL
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I've always said if it's windy out and bugging you just pull out a kite. Doesn't matter what kind or size any kite will do and poof no wind!
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HI, I am new to the REV site,dont know if this is the proper way to get involved but here goes .I want to learn how to catch@ throw. I recieved my new 50 ft lines today in the mail. I have been flying for about 4 months now. I have pretty much mastered all of the basic skills aand would like to try this trick. Does anyone know of a training video??.Any help would great, if you are not the person I should be questioning or if this is not the place to ask this type of question,please excuse and give me the proper way to ask?? and get the proper onfo.. thanks for your time. jimt. PS> I fly the rev 1.5.
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i just bought the 2-4 blast and it will fly in no wind and loving it. is good for power kiting and just plain no wind kiting is an amazing wing 

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