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Feb 18, 2k10

Posted by SynTaks, 18 February 2010 · 342 views

Forecast: "Northeast wind 10 to 15 mph except east 40 to 55 mph along Turnagain Arm and higher elevations"

I added that because they haven't been right for weeks. They get the wind right everywhere except in Anch-Morpork. Last night's forecast said "variable 5 to 15" ... Right now the wind is swapping North to South every few minutes, making it pretty well impossible for me to do much. I haven't been able to for quite awhile, which, for me, is actually a bad thing as I use the kiting to replace my physical therapy and if I do without for more than 2 days I end up really sore for a week.

The good news for today is that ACC has said they would pay for my medical trip to the lower 48, but the way they have to do it is to reimburse me after I get the trip paid for, and I don't have the money up front to do it. I don't really know anyone who can help with that, so I am hoping to work something out somewhere. But at least I know it's going to be done soon.

I also have to figure something out for the kites, because I want to bring those along so I don't have to sit for the times I'm not being poked and prodded watching TV somewhere.

I'm hoping the wind straightens out soon. I really want to fly. I need to clear my head today...


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