02 Jan 2012

Winners of our video contest!

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We recently ran an official contest starting on October 21st (2011) for any Rev flier to enter, encouraging them to send in their best Rev footage for our upcoming product demo DVD for stores…

The guidelines:

  • All video submissions for this contest should be a maximum of 10 minutes in length, this makes it attainable for everyone, and it will assure “the best shots” are used.
  • All video submissions should also be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube, otherwise the judges will not be able to review them (geographical limitations).
    (YouTube allows you to set a “private – viewable only with direct URL” option during upload)
  • MOV (quicktime) format is ideal, if at all possible, it’s most versatile for commercial editing down the road.
  • Videos should be retained in their original, highest resolution and frame rate for Revolution use.
  • The full size version of your video should be accessible to Rev by data DVD or CD mailing.
  • Uploaded videos should be at a minimum resolution of 1280(x720 or whatever).
  • All submissions may be used by Rev, although the winners will receive prizes.
  • DEADLINE is December 10th, 2011.

We had lots of great entries from all over the world, but here are your TOP FOUR prize winners!

Drum roll please…

1. Tonet pick out your colors for a B-Pro, your video was picked as the top winner….

2. Sky Puppet your video was picked, winning a full Race Rod frame…

3. Polo your video was picked, winning a set of “No Snag Handles”…

4. Tong Yang your video was picked, winning a set of 90 lb x 120 ft. Laser Pro quad lines…

Each of these winners will also receive a Revolution T-Shirt and $50.00 in “Rev Bucks” good only at the factory on a (KITE) order from us.

We thank you all for playing, and truthfully – there were no real winners or losers cause all the videos were great and we ended up picking from a hat because there was no way to say which was the best.

Stay tuned for more fun and excited Rev family games and promotions in 2012!