14 Jul 2012

1st Rev Team Boot Camp

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This first ever event was held on Long Beach WA on July 7-8, 2012 in conjunction with Team iQuad, Kitelife Magazine, The Kite Shoppe and the World Kite Museum… 17 students worked with 4 instructors from iQuad, learning a choreographed 6-person routine made specially for this event and set to “We Are the Champions” by Queen.


  • John Barresi
  • Bazzer Poulter
  • Spence Watson
  • TK Barresi

All students had at least brief “pick up” team experience at various events and were filtered in based on their own self-evaluation of specific skills that would be necessary for team flying.

The complete written (drawn) ballet routine was provided to pilots 3 days prior to the event, a full animation (done by Spence Watson) was sent out to students 1 day before… All teams absorbed the information and training very well, all completing their routines with surprising success by Sunday afternoon.

For more information, stay tuned for our next Rev Team Boot Camp and BE THERE!